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Malu Cimino, and her husband Fernando Sampaio, started Due Panno in 2014. They formed a great team together to start and grow their dream of building a minimalist, chic, timeless brand for the Brazilian women.
Malu Cimino was born in Marília in São Paulo, Brazil. She had a huge art influence since she was a little girl. Sailing through architecture and the movie world, she had contact with some masterpieces of the greatest artists in the world. Traveling between minimalism, modern carefree tailoring, and flowing dresses, her exclusive and iconic creations are made for modern women who enjoy the freedom of life ...

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Nomad Story

Sunday, March 1st 2020

Goddess Look!

Hey You!

The Juno Button Down Lace Dress by Leo & Lin features an elongated shirt collar, front placket, bell-shaped cuffs & lace-trimmed hemline.
Multiple intricate lace patch works & floor-length give this dress an unmatchable strong yet romantic feeling, just like its name "JUNO" - the queen of all Roman goddess.

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